How Has Naturecan Become Carbon Neutral?

Carbon Neutral Company

In 2022, we became an officially certified carbon-neutral company. We are proud of this significant milestone in our sustainability journey, but we couldn’t have achieved this without our loyal customers. 

Thanks to you, we can support carbon offset projects worldwide and completely eliminate our carbon footprint. Want to know how we have achieved this? Keep reading for more.

What is Carbon Neutral?

A company can be called “carbon neutral” when it has net-zero carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This means that the business's carbon emissions have been reduced to zero through a combination of in-house measures and external offset projects.

How Have We Become Carbon Neutral?

We have taken many steps to become officially carbon-neutral such as measuring our carbon footprint, reducing our emissions, and offsetting all remaining emissions. These important measures include:

1. Remote First Working

The majority of our employees work remotely. This cuts the emissions normally caused by commuting and powering large offices.

2. Vegan Friendly

We have ensured that 78% of our products are vegan, reducing our carbon footprint by lowering the need for animal products. 

3. Fulfilment Process

While we deliver to over 200 countries, we have warehouses in just six countries to reduce the emissions caused by powering these facilities.

Our Future Goals

By the end of 2023, we aim to: 

  • Use 100% carbon neutral delivery
  • Make 85% of our products vegan 
  • Use regional suppliers & production facilities
  • Get organic certification for all products
  • Improve product recyclability 
  • Acquire cruelty-free certification Streamline our production process
  • Shift to plastic-free packaging
  • Use regional raw materials where possible

We will also continue to support our initiatives of planting a tree for every order, making monthly donations to World Land Trust, supporting carbon offset projects and partnering with CarbonClick.